What is 5Cs Preschool?

5Cs Preschool is a Christian, week-day, non-profit, pre-kindergarten program for children ages 24 months – pre-kindergarten. It is an outreach ministry of Crossview Covenant Church.  Each child must file an application form with $30.00 application fee and have a complete health form prior to enrollment in the program.

Are the teachers certified?

5Cs is a licensed preschool through the Minnesota Department of Human Services. All teachers and assistant teachers meet the qualifications for preschool education set by DHS. The school was one of the first in Minnesota to achieve accreditation by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs (a subsidiary of the National Association for the Education of Young Children).

How long is the school term?

5Cs will be in operation from September through mid-May. During those months, the calendar of Mankato District 77 will generally be followed. The same snow days will also be observed.

For more information, please call 507-388-2222. Click HERE to download our brochure and registration form.

What will my child learn?

The aim of the 5Cs is to supplement the home in providing experiences which promote the intellectual, social, religious, emotional and physical development of your child.

It is the combination of playmates, creative experiences, a Christian atmosphere and a friendly, competent teacher which makes pre-kindergarten a valuable experience. We believe a child will come to know Jesus through association with caring Christian adults and teaching of age appropriate Christian principles.

The basic philosophy of instruction at 5Cs is summarized in the statement of Dr. Lawrence Frank, educator and author: “Play is the way a child learns what no one can teach him.”

Included in the daily schedule are opportunities for each child to explore and discover:

  • Perceptual and Organization Skills
  • Language Arts Usage
  • Mathematics Understanding
  • Science Concepts
  • Social Relationships
  • Spiritual Concepts and Moral Values
  • Creative Art Experiences
  • Physical Development, Health and Safety Standards