• Crossview Covenant Church (map)
  • 2000 Howard Drive West
  • North Mankato, MN, 56003
  • United States

We’re privileged to live in a winter wonderland with access to water in its solid form for about four months every year! You’ve been blessed with a body capable of amazing skills and abilities!

MEGA-CHAOS (4th-8th grade) will meet at Sibley Park’s sledding hill to embrace winter’s wonders! Bring your sleds, tubes, saucers and friends. We’ll bring hot chocolate and goodies to snack on. If you are up for an extra challenge, bring a cardboard creation to race down the hill. Whether you use duct tape or twine or create a sleigh or a tank, there will be prizes for design, speed, and a hybrid of both!

There is no bathroom or warming house, so empty your bladder and bundle up for a night of gravitational glory! In the case of really frigid weather, we will move the night to Crossview.

If there is a change of plans due extreme cold, an email will go out Friday by 4:00pm (check at church to make sure you are on the CHAOS email list). Regardless of the final location, be sure to bring your cardboard creations!