Leader: Erik Howe

Topic: Work & Faith (Online Group)
The vast majority of people are in the workplace. The vast majority of a person’s day is spent at work. We spend more time at work than any other activity. What is God’s design of work? Is there anything more to work than a paycheck and drudgery? How do I live out my faith at work? What is my current view of work? Why do we work? Let’s learn together. We will ask questions and have open discussion with the help of a video series and other resources. I do not have the answers and am wanting to learn myself. Yeah, we could each read a book and do this on our own, but it’s when we examine with other people that the Spirit often changes our heart and challenges us to action. *Note: School can fit in this topic category

Where & When: Google Hangout, every other Thursday 9:00-10:00pm (Begins Sept. 21)

(The idea is to have a convenient option for people with work and kids. There’s flexibility to change to an in-person meeting or a different time or weekly if the initial group desires. In-person is better if possible. Otherwise, the above is default)

Who: Any age and any gender who has answers or questions on this topic.