PACT (People and Christ Together) ministries started by individuals from Crossview in the 1990s. PACT has two goals: providing food and clothing for people in need. They accomplish those goals by:

  1. The Neighborhood Thrift Store, which operates a retail space.  Earnings from The Neighborhood Thrift Store are then used to feed those in need at Food for All.
  2. Food for All is the food distribution which happens on the second Saturday of every month, which serves about 150 individuals.  Food for All complements other food shelves in the area by providing mainly fresh fruits and vegetables.

Volunteering at The Neighborhood Thrift Store or at Food for All both help give people clothing and healthy, wholesome food. Any help or financial gift makes this happen.  Here are ways to help below:



Volunteer with Pact ministries

  • Food For All volunteers: second Saturday of each month, 8:30am-10:30am at Goodrich Construction.
  • Picking up bread and bakery items at Cub Foods and HyVee: once a month either a Saturday or a Sunday 8am-9am.
  • Donate food for Neighborhood Thrift Store food shelf, once a month, at your convenience.
  • Volunteer at Neighborhood Thrift Store:
    • Cashier, 2-5 people, 1 shift each
      • Thursday 10am-4pm
      • Friday 10am-2pm and 1pm-5pm
      • Saturday 10am-1pm and 1pm-4pm
    • Vacuum the store, 2 people, 1 shift each Tuesday and Thursday morning.
    • Special projects--Wednesday and Friday, at your convenience.

For more information contact: Ruth Koestler, The Neighborhood Thrift Store Manager