Student Ministries


Wednesday Nights (6:15-7:30pm)
Beginning Wednesday, Sept. 14

This is our mid-week gathering for middle and high school students! We’ll have tons of games and activities, plenty of food from the Café, and time spent connecting in small groups. This is a great space to build great friendships and dig deeper in God’s Word.

Big Event Wednesdays

In addition to our Wednesday nights, we are really excited about hosting a big youth event where students can invite friends and have fun together. These nights will happen approximately once a month on Wednesday evening and might include events like concerts, comedy acts, game show nights, and more. More details coming soon!


At Crossview, we value confirmation as an opportunity for students in 8th grade to go through an intentional year of discipleship consisting of three key components: (1) to read through and discuss the big picture of God’s story each week with a mentor; (2) to learn about core building blocks of our faith through weekly journaling and monthly large group sessions; and (3) to reflect on their own faith journey by completing two project experiences. For more details, or to register for Confirmation, visit:


Student Ministries Calendar
In addition to our first Wednesday events, throughout the year we have a number of other special events and trips to participate in. From Nerf Wars to mission trips, there are a number of different experiences to grow in your faith and build great friendships together! Keep checking the Student Ministries Calendar on our homepage to see what's coming up each week!