By Aaron Thompson, Community Life Pastor
I was talking with my wife Stina in May and we began to panic a little bit.  We didn’t really know what we were going to do this summer.  Our family moved from Sweden last August, and when we lived in Sweden, we planned our summers six months in advance (because we needed to get cheaper international flights).  But now that we were in the States this summer we got lazy and didn’t schedule all that much. It seemed like we were doomed for a summer without thought, a summer without purpose.  

Then during a staff meeting God kicked us with a fresh new idea. What if we lived a summer with purpose?  What would it look like for each of us at Crossview to bring Jesus to the lake, to the ball game, to the golf course, to our neighborhoods and into our life this summer? What if we didn’t spend our vacation days this summer checked out and doing nothing, but instead took a break from busyness and stress to pour life into our families, friends, neighbors and our own life too. Wow! Now that would be a summer I would want to live!

Summer 2017 at Crossview is not just going to be an average Minnesota summer; we want to have an “Above Average Summer.” This means choosing to connect ourselves and others to Jesus in fun and purposeful ways. We’ll have some simple, casual events at church so you can hang out and get to know others. We’ll also be highlighting ways that you can personally share life and bring faith into your home and neighborhood gatherings.  This summer, we are investing in the lives of those around us. When we have fun, we are going to invite our non-believing friends to join us. When we fire up the grill, we will invite a few of our neighbors to bring some food over and join us. When we take our kids to the pool, we will bring their unchurched friends along. We are going to have a blast connecting with the people in our lives AND connecting them to Jesus. Some might call this “missional hospitality.” I like to call it “loving people.” We love God, and that is why we love people.

So sit down and plan your summer with purpose. Dream of the various ways you can do small or big things to have fun and invite others to join you!  As humble Minnesotans, we’re planning for Summer 2017 at Crossview to be an “Above Average Summer” - personally, I think it is going to be one of the most amazing summers we’ll ever have.

If you want to know more about having an “above average summer” or have questions, ideas or pictures through the summer, contact Aaron Thompson, Community Life Pastor.