Many of us have heard the phrase “bucket list” before, and you may even have a personal list of things you’d like to do or experience someday. What if we use that concept to help us live out our “above average summer”? What do you want to do before this summer is over? Create your own list and use some of the ideas below to get started.  Invite your neighbors, maybe even co-workers, students, and non-church friends to join you in your “bucket list” fun. Don’t forget to share your “above average summer” photos in Crossview’s Community Life Facebook group!

Ideas for your Summer Bucket List

1. Have a BBQ and invite your friends over for dinner.
2. Invite a friend to a Sunday Fun Day event.
3. Talk about what God is doing in your life with family members when you’re on vacation together.
4. Read (or re-read) “Love Does” by Bob Goff.
5. Go golfing with someone and strike up a faith conversation.
6. Invite a friend to church.
7. Sign up for a Grill-Out Group or Summer Small Group.
8. Take a night to go star gazing and talk about how great God is to make the universe.
8. Keep an eye out to see if your neighbor needs some practical help (house sitting, lawn mowing, taking in the mail). And when you do it, do it in a way that is “above average” (this is a practical way to show God’s love).
9. Go to a Twins game and invite a non-church friend to go with you.
10. Do something nice for a stranger, because they can’t pay you back.
11. Set aside specific times to be present with God.
12. Make your home the home your neighbors want to be around. Host a mini-block party and give your neighbors invites.  If people ask why, tell them that your church is wanting to live an “above average summer.”

What other ideas can you come up with to make your summer “above average”?
Make your list before summer begins and cross things off as you complete them.