Confirmation has always been a lasting tradition to explore God’s Word and the importance of living a Christian life. A major focus for a young teenager is learning to think for oneself and develop their own identity. Confirmation sits at the cusp of this stage of life. The end goal of Confirmation is for students to learn, reflect, and affirm their faith, yet recognizing that following Jesus is a lifelong journey filled with these things. Confirmation Sunday is not the end, rather it is the beginning of this relationship with Jesus. Confirmation, as a program, is meant to propel them into the next step of their faith journey, and that is our ultimate goal.

At Crossview, we value confirmation as an opportunity for students in 8th grade to go through an intentional year of discipleship consisting of three key components: (1) reading through and discussing the big picture of God’s story each week with a mentor; (2) learning about core building blocks of our faith through weekly large group sessions; (3) attending our confirmation retreat to Camp Shamineau for their fall fling (October 26th-28th), and (4) completing two small papers throughout the year.

Next Steps:

  1. Review the Confirmation 2018-19 Parent Letter.
  2. Choose your student's mentor. Families are empowered to decide on who the confirmation student’s mentor will be. Download and review the "Confirmation Mentor Packet" over the next few weeks with your student to pick the right mentor.
  3. Review the 2018-19 Confirmation Schedule - all the dates and deadlines for course work. We will send a schedule to your mentor as well.
  4. Register for confirmation. You will need to know who your student's mentor is before registering. Students should have their registration completed by Kickoff Sunday (September 16, 2018). The registration form is included in the 2018-19 Parent Letter (see above).
  5. Plan your weekly meetings with your mentor and start following the schedule.

Confirmation Retreat: October 26-28, Camp Shamineau.

Confirmation students are encouraged to attend this FREE retreat to Camp Shamineau in Motley, Minnesota. This retreat is designed to bring our confirmation class together so they can grow in their faith together. While at Camp Shamineau students will have the opportunity to take part in the following: Climbing wall, High ropes, low ropes, nature center, archery, rifle range, BB gun range, Campfire donuts, crafts, trail rides, Open gym, volleyball, dodgeball, football, and more. This trip includes all meals and transportation. Finally, and most importantly, students will hear the message of Jesus Christ throughout the weekend and will be given the opportunity to grow in their faith while surrounded by their confirmation peers. Please join us for this unforgettable weekend!

If you have any questions at any time, don’t hesitate to contact NextGen Director Alex Ramerth (alexramerth(at) or 507-387-5606).