Our desire is that everyone who comes to Crossview gets connected to Jesus Christ.

This means trusting in Jesus to forgive our sins and following Jesus as the leader of our lives. For some, it might mean trusting in Jesus for the first time. For others, it may mean deepening a connection with Jesus that has been part of your life for a long time. James Choung has a wonderful explanation of what it means to put your faith in Jesus. Watch below or download a pdf of the Big Story here.


Next Steps to Take:


God has given you His Word to guide you through life. Download the Bible App to put God's Word at your fingertips.


God is listening and waiting for you to reach out to Him. Prayer is simply talking to God! You can start talking to God right now by telling Him what you are feeling and asking for help.


Faith is never something we are supposed to do alone. Worshiping in community with others is one of the best ways to re-align your heart and mind with God. Make church a weekly habit!


Putting your trust in Jesus is the most important decision you will ever make! Share your decision with a friend, or call us (507-387-5606) so we can celebrate with you!

Join "Starting Point"

Would you like a safe place to explore your questions about faith while getting to know people at Crossview? We have a group called Starting Point that gets together for this purpose every few months.  To find out when the next group begins please contact the Community Life Pastor Aaron Thompson.