Summer 2019 Grill-Out Groups

Have you ever considered how through the simple act of eating together, we practice hospitality, build community, and deepen relationships? Jesus commonly ate and drank with those He sought to engage, such as Matthew, Zacchaeus, the Samaritan woman, and many others. We richly bless others, and are blessed ourselves, through missional hospitality!

Summer is coming and it’s that time of year again where you have an opportunity to be a part of a Grill-Out Group.  Each summer about 300 people at Crossview join a Grill-Out Group to get to know others at church in a smaller context. Our vision at Crossview is to connect people to Jesus so that their life and world is transformed.  "Grill-Out" groups are a perfect opportunity to invite your neighbors and friends to get connected in a comfortable and safe environment.  Simply sign up to be in a “Grill-Out” Group, and we’ll connect you with 6-8 other adults. Groups will meet at least 3 times over the summer (June - September). The food doesn’t have to be fancy, so don’t stress out about it…the goal is to simply create opportunities to get to know one another, share food and have fun doing so. Groups will be compiled first Monday in June.

Regardless if you are new to Crossview or have been coming to Crossview for awhile, these “Grill-Out” Groups are for you!  For more details or sign-up, contact Community Life Pastor Aaron Thompson.