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Hope for Hurting Parents @ Crossview (Thursdays at 9:00am)

Hope for Hurting Parents @ Crossview (Thursdays at 9:00am)

Leader: Amy Deike & Karen Herwig

Are you a hurting parent and need support? Parenting is easily the most difficult job we will ever have. Even though we do our best sometimes the outcome doesn’t come in the way we expected. Our children make choices, experience depression, severe mental illness, addictions, deal with abuse, or go to jail. These things may take them down dangerous and destructive paths, but there is hope.

This group is not lead by professional counselors, but by parents who have experienced the guilt, fear, isolation and heartache along their parenting journey.

Where & When: At Crossview in classroom 1—Thursdays (9:00-10:30am).

Who: Parents of all ages.