The Mark Drama Small Group

Leader: Rachael Winch

Experience the Gospel message in a new exciting way! Together we will work to study and perform a the Gospel of Mark in 90 minutes. The Mark Drama is used around the world as an evangelism tool to share about Jesus. To join the team the following things must be true of you: You like the idea of doing drama (whether you have experience or not). Your voice is loud enough for performing. You are willing to commit yourself to learning the order of events of the Gospel of Mark (with a helpful guide, of course)! And finally, you are available for all rehearsals and show dates. Curious about what we are doing? Check out The Mark Drama  or contact Rachael Winch.

Where & When: At Crossview the following days and rooms:

Learning the Mark Drama

Sunday, January 27  after each service (10 & 11:30am)        Info Meeting at Crossview

February 25 – March 3                                          Learn Section One (On Your Own)

March 4 – March 10                                                Learn Section Two (On Your Own)

Tuesday, March 12 @ 7pm-8pm                      Prayer/Quick Study from Section 1 or 2 Meet at Crossview

March 18 – March 24                                          Learn Section Three (On Your Own)

March 25 – March 31                                              Learn Section Four (On Your Own)

Tuesday, April 2 @ 7pm-8pm                           Prayer/Quick Study from Section 3 or 4 Meet at Crossview

April 8 – April 14                                                       Learn Section Five (On Your Own)

April 15 – April 21                                                     Learn Section Six (On Your Own)


Rehearsal & Performance Schedule:

Thursday April 25                                                             7:30pm – 10pm                First Rehearsal

Friday April 26                                                                 7:30pm – 10:15pm           Second Rehearsal

Saturday April 27                                                             9am – 4pm                         Third Rehearsal

Saturday April 27                                                             7:30pm                             First Performance

Sunday April 28                                                             7:30pm                             Second Performance

Who: Ages 15+