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Homelessness and Housing

For more information about serving in our community contact: Local Mission Coordinator Tara Rustad.

A loss of a job, mental or physical illness, a crisis, and bad choice willingly or not can all snowball and lead to a housing crisis for any individual and family. Regardless of the reason being homeless is never a good thing. With nearly 25% of the population of Mankato living under the poverty line, plus high rent costs means more and more people in our city struggle to find affordable housing. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Here are some tangible ways to help now and to also look into the future to how can we prevent this.

Connections Ministry Emergency Shelter

Crossview is partnering with Connections Ministry for the third year in a row to help provide emergency shelter for individuals in our community that are homeless. The shelter is no longer rotating between churches this year and will instead be housed at Covenant Family Church from Oct. 14-May 25. Crossview will provide volunteers to help with meals and hospitality for five of the 32 weeks they are open: Nov.25-Dec.2, Dec.30-Jan.6, Feb.3-10, Mar.16-23 and Apr.27-May4. This is a great opportunity to serve with your family, your small group or as an individual. If you would like to volunteer please plan to attend a training session on November 17. 

Volunteers are needed for:

  • Meal Team: 3-10 volunteers. Provide, serve, and clean up a meal for 25 shelter guests and 5-10 volunteers for a total of 30-35 people. This is a great opportunity to serve with your small group.

  • Hospitality Team: 3-8 volunteers. Welcome guests, help them to get settled in, eat & socialize with guests.

  • Morning Team: 2-3 volunteers. Make coffee, wake-up guests, assist in morning routines and say good-bye to the guests.

Partners for Affordable Housing

Partners for Affordable Housing provides shelter for homeless families and individuals, and helps them to secure economically viable long-term housing. It would not be possible without the help of amazing volunteers. To learn more click here.