Lent bible study & Devotional

Join us as we use one of YouVersion Bible App's Lent devotionals to prepare our hearts for Easter. You can read each day's verses and devotion with YouVersion's Bible App on your phone or on Bible.com.

**READ & DISCUSS WITH OUR GROUP: We have a group reading plan set up for Crossview! Go here and click "accept invitation" at the bottom of the page. The plan is set to start on Feb. 14 (space is limited to 150 people).**

You can also read on your own. Go to www.bible.com/reading-plans/2212-lent-journey and click "start plan."

Facebook Live Devotionals

Our staff will be posting Facebook Live devotionals Mondays through Thursdays at noon during Lent. To make sure you don't miss them, go to Crossview's Facebook page (www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/), click on the "Follow" button and choose "See First." If you'd like a daily text reminder about the Facebook Live devotionals, text DEVO2018 to 507-322-1442

Day 34 (Monday, Mar. 19): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2176031095744598/

Day 30 (Thursday, Mar. 15): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2170455429635498/
Day 29 (Wednesday, Mar. 14): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2169098816437826/
Day 28 (Tuesday, Mar. 13): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2167736986574009/
Day 27 (Monday, Mar. 12): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2166236106724097/

Day 23 (Thursday, Mar. 8): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2160410393973335/
Day 22 (Wednesday, Mar. 7): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2159014730779568/
Day 21 (Tuesday, Mar. 6): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2157596237588084/
Day 20 (Monday, Mar. 5): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2156225214391853/

Day 16 (Thursday, Mar. 1): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2150757054938669/
Day 15 (Wednesday, Feb. 28): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2149497228397985/
Day 14 (Tuesday, Feb. 27): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2148117191869322/
Day 13 (Monday, Feb. 26): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2146672482013793/

Day 9 (Thursday, Feb. 22): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2141440439203664/
Day 8 (Wednesday, Feb. 21): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2140091929338515/
Day 7 (Tuesday, Feb. 20): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2138817699465938/
Day 6 (Monday, Feb. 19): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2137527796261595/

Day 2 (Thursday, Feb. 15): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2132231106791264/
Day 1 (Wednesday, Feb. 14): https://www.facebook.com/crossviewcovenant/videos/2130933253587716/

What is Lent?

Lent is a 40-day period observed by many Christian churches and is based on the 40 days that Jesus spent fasting in the desert when he endured Satan's temptation (as recorded in the gospels of Matthew, Mark & Luke). Lent is often a solemn season of prayer, fasting and repentance in preparation for Easter.