Crossview has been faithfully making disciples of Jesus Christ for 127 years and we want to continue doing so for generations to come.  At the heart of our vision is a desire to be a community of Jesus followers who are transforming our families, neighborhoods, city, and world. As we continue the vision of reaching out and being for the world what Jesus was for the world, we believe God has some bold steps of faith for us to take.

Our overall goal for REACH is to raise $2.5 million over three years, to be spent over five years. To date, we have pledges totaling $1.3 million and more are coming in each week. We are so excited that 217 households have committed to going on this journey to REACH out and bring the hope of Jesus to everyone everywhere.

REACH Pledges

If you haven't made a pledge, it's not too late! You can make a REACH pledge any time at We hope people will make pledges over the coming months to get us closer to our financial goal.

If you made a pledge, it's not too early to start fulfilling it! You can make one-time donations against your pledge or set up a recurring plan at

HERE: Children's WING, Future Youth Room & MORE

The building project has a number of areas we have been working on: a new children's wing, renovating existing space for our youth, and some renovation of areas in the lobby to welcome guests.

Building Task Force

Vibrant, healthy, growing churches place a lot of energy and resources into reaching the coming generations. Even as our region grows and attracts young families, Crossview continues to attract and minister to these same young families.

We have been without dedicated space for our children and youth for some years now, but that season is coming to a close. Our New Kids Wing opened on Sunday, April 9, and we are thrilled to be ministering to children and families in this 7,000 sq. ft. addition. This new space will allow us to do children’s programming in ways that were never possible before at Howard Drive.

Our next step is to create a fun and welcoming environment for our student ministries. This summer, we have been remodeling the current Great Room to create dedicated space for our youth that will let them know they matter to us!


Local Mission Task Force

Our team read the book Neighborhood Mapping: How to Make Your Church Invaluable to Your Community. In the book the author said that "As you actively listen with the intention of truly learning you will discover aspects to the community that you may never have realized. But also, and so importantly, you give value to that person and to all the people in that community." We have asked our task force members to go out into the city and listen and learn from a variety of people, including leaders (North Mankato's mayor), neighbors, local ministry staff (Neighborhood Thrift Store, Salvation Army, The Reach, House of Hope, Partners for Affordable Housing) and local business people (Kato Cab, owner of multiple extended stay hotels). We have come away with a lot of valuable information and continue to hear that some of the greatest felt needs in Mankato are affordable housing, transportation and mental health needs. Next month we will be meeting with the executive director of a successful Christian non-profit housing ministry in Minneapolis/St. Paul and we will also take time to listen and learn from those in our community working with refugees and immigrants. Please join us in prayer as we discern the direction and work God is calling our church community to engage in.

Church Plant Task Force

Trust and faithfulness. These are two words that could define Crossview's church plant. We trust in God's provision as we step forward in acts of faithfulness. As a task force, we believe God will provide for every need as we follow him in faithfulness in planting this church. This was clear to us when Mike Brown joined us at our January meeting. Mike is the director of church planting for the NW Conference.  It was inspirational listening to the stories of churches that have gone before us in planting, often with many fewer resources than we have. One of the hallmarks of church planting he talked about was the health of the planting church and the planted church. Planting a church doesn't deplete energy, resources and ministry opportunities as we might assume. Rather, the planting church (Crossview) benefits from trusting in God and being faithful to our purpose as His church. This should encourage us! As we lean in, and embrace as a body where God is calling us to further reach out to our community by church planting, God uses us ordinary people in extraordinary ways.



Congo Task Force

Since our Vision Trip to the Congo in March of 2016, a task force was formed to pray specifically for the people of the Congo and better understand how our congregation can effectively partner with a small village known as Bogose Nubea. One tool the task force has relied on to provide direction and wisdom is a book titled When Helping Hurts. Among other things, the book outlines the importance of forming a strong relationship with people that understand the target culture and are equipped to support the needs of the community.

To that end, Crossview Covenant has chosen to work directly with the Paul Carlson Partnership (PCP). The mission of the Paul Carlson Partnership is to “catalyze the growth of self-sustaining families and communities in places of deep poverty in Central Africa. Working together with partners in Africa and elsewhere, we invest in local efforts in medical and economic development.” Over the past three years, the leadership of Crossview Covenant has grown to trust PCP’s integrity, experience, and knowledge related to the Congo. From a financial perspective, the congregation has committed to providing $120,000 to PCP over the next 5 years. All of the money will be directed to the Bogose Nubea community and will be utilized for solar power, clean water, education, and medical services.

Having been provided the opportunity to see the needs of the Bogose Nubea community firsthand, it is difficult to explain the impact that your generosity will provide. Many people in the Congo live with an astonishing lack of basic needs (e.g. – water, food, shelter), including quality medical care. The first installment of $40,000 has been used to facilitate the installation of solar power to the local health clinic. As we continue to financially invest in the people of Bogose Nubea, the task force intends to keep you informed of how God is using your kindness to show the light of Christ to a community on the other side of the world!

REACH Videos

June 2, 2016
First gift to the Bogose Nubea Hospital

May 30, 2016
Celebrating the "First Fruits" offering and our first gift to the Bogose Nubea Hospital

May 11, 2016
Thoughts heading into Commitment Sunday


REACH - Here

REACH - Near


REACH Sermon Series

During our REACH sermon series, we shared the heart behind the REACH campaign. If you missed a Sunday, watch the services here.

May 15, 2016: FAR
Commitment Sunday

May 8, 2016: NEAR

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April 24, 2016: REACH Series Kick-Off