finding a place to Serve

We value not just growing in our faith but doing something with our faith! Serving within the walls of this church and (even more importantly) going out into the community and the world is a vital part of what God created us to do.


At Crossview, we have an ever-growing passion to serve in our community.  We do this because it is our response to God’s love for us.  Jesus tell us in Matthew 25:37-40 - Then these righteous ones will reply, "Lord, when did we ever see you hungry and feed you? Or thirsty and give you something to drink? Or a stranger and show you hospitality? Or naked and give you clothing? When did we ever see you sick or in prison and visit you?" And the King will say, "I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!"

Responding to God’s Word does not have to be complex, it is often very clear, however it does require effort. In our church, we are cultivating a heart for others because that is what Jesus did. Below are four practical ways you can respond to Jesus’ words in Matthew 25 by serving in our community.


How can I learn about justice issues?

Attend one or more of the Faith & Justice Learning Seminars, which will be held once a month from Oct. 21 to May 19. To find out more click here.


How can I get involved in serving locally?

Choose where you want to make an impact:

Sign-up by click the black box below or contact Local Mission Coordinator Tara Rustad. Even better, grab a friend or two and sign-up together.


Use your gifts and talents at Crossview! We are all wired in a unique way to serve. Let us know what areas you might be interested in hearing more about.

Some of the places you can serve at Crossview:

CROSSVIEW KIDS (Email for more info or to volunteer in Crossview Kids)

  • Elementary Lead Teacher (Sundays): Engage & excite children as you lead them through the main Bible story & topic of each lesson.

  • Small Group Leaders (Wednesdays): Lead and engage a small group of kids in a way that takes the large group message and makes it personal in their lives.

  • Large Group Preschool Lead Teacher (Sundays & Wednesdays): Engage & excite preschoolers as you lead them through the main Bible story & topic of each lesson.

  • Preschool Assistant (Sundays): Lead and engage preschoolers through crafts and activities that help make the Bible story stick.

  • Arts & Classroom Prep: Organize the weekly crafts for Wednesday Night and/or Sunday mornings.

  • Infant & Toddler Volunteers: Work as a team with other caregivers to facilitate a great Sunday morning experience for our church’s youngest attendees.

CROSSVIEW STUDENTS (Email for more info or to volunteer in Crossview Students)

  • Wednesday Dinner Crew: Help serve meals to NextGen families and guests before Wednesday night programming.

  • Confirmation Mentors: Be present with an individual confirmation student on a weekly basis to help them understand scripture as well as have meaningful faith conversations.

  • Special Events/Trip Volunteers: Interact with & lead students during special events such as lock-ins and game nights, retreats, and trips that are scheduled throughout the year.

HOST TEAM (Email for more info or to volunteer in Guest Connections)

  • Connect Desk Team: If you are passionate about guests and attendees having a positive experience at Crossview, you can be one of our warm & friendly hosts on Sunday mornings.

  • Greeters: Provide a friendly “welcome” for all who enter Crossview. This is a great “first serve” opportunity and families can serve together.

  • Ushers: Help our guests & congregation feel welcome, assist with seating, take the offering and be observant for crowd needs. We need ushers for Sunday services & special events.

  • Café/Sunday Hospitality Team Members: Serve with a Team Captain to provide coffee and refreshments on Sunday mornings. Families can serve together if there is room on the team.

  • Special Events Hospitality Team Member: Be part of a team that helps serve hospitality for smaller special meetings and classes at Crossview. If you enjoy serving meals and light interaction with others, this team is for you!

  • Parking Lot Team Member: Warm and friendly people needed to direct traffic and welcome guests into our parking lot, and direct traffic during bigger events. A lead team member will provide direction as needed.

GENERAL (Email for more info or to volunteer)

  • Communion Servers: It is an honor to share the sacrament of Holy Communion with our church family. Help set up, clean up and/or serve communion. Students may serve with their parents. This is open to high school students as well.

  • Prayer Team: Pray for the needs of others after services on Sunday mornings, and celebrate their answers to prayer.

  • Prayer Chain: Pray for the needs and prayer requests of our church and community (prayer updates sent by email).

  • Visitation Team: Bless people in our church who are sick, recovering from surgery, or living in a nursing home, who would love a visit.

  • Meals for Moms: We joyfully provide meals for families who recently had a baby.

  • Crisis Meals: Meals are placed in the freezer in the church kitchen and then delivered when church members have various needs that arise.

  • Helping Hands: Do you enjoy yard work, handyman jobs, cleaning, moving, own a trailer or truck? Occasionally there are folks at church with one time needs.

  • Bus Drivers: Use the church bus to help provide transportation for youth trips and 5Cs preschool.

  • Team World Vision Group Run Volunteers: Support our TeamWV runners & walkers by volunteering at our “home base” during a Saturday morning group run (June-October).

WORSHIP TEAMS (Email for more info or to volunteer)

  • Worship Team: Do you play acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, piano/keys, percussion, or are you a vocalist? Contact us to learn more about ways to serve.

  • Production: Help in the tech booth, with media during the week, or with set-up during the week.


All across the world you will find believers caring for the sick, fighting injustice and spreading the gospel. We believe in sending people into the world to make a difference.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
In 2013, the Democratic Republic of Congo was named both the poorest country in the world (IMF World Economic Outlook) and the worst place to be a mother (Save the Children). One in five children dies before their fifth birthday, many of whom could have been saved with proper medical treatment that we in the US take for granted. Organizations like Covenant Kids Congo and The Paul Carlson Partnership are coming alongside our Congolese brothers and sisters in Christ and help bring sustainable, long-term solutions to the most over-looked province in the neediest country of the world. Learn more at and

Team World Vision
Every day, over 1,600 children under the age of five die from diseases caused by unsafe drinking water. We believe that every child deserves clean water! By running one of the Mankato Marathon with Team World Vision - Crossview, and sharing your experience to help raise funds for World Vision's water projects in Africa, you can help bring life-changing clean water to children! Learn more..